“New” Corporate Wellness Program


We are in the process of expanding our TRUGrit Corporate Wellness Program!  We currently service one company, and they love providing group training and nutrition counseling for their employees as an employee benefit.  The company receives a nice break on their insurance premiums, which they use to pay TRUGrit, and the employees receive benefits from the insurance company for staying active and healthy.  It has been a win-win all the way around, so we are looking for a handful of companies that would be interested in being part of our pilot program. 

We are targeted to kick off in Fall 2017.  If you know of someone (owners or employees) who would benefit from this, I’d love the referral and opportunity to discuss any interest in a customized wellness program with benchmarks for the company!  Typically, the owner or HR Manager is the person we need to contact.

As a “Thank You”, for every company you refer that participates, we would like to offer you a $100 Gift Card as a token of our appreciation.  We are excited about our new venture.  Thank you in advance for all your help and support! Please feel free to call me with any questions you have!


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